My name is Robert Tadevich and I suffered with cystic acne for 9 years. Having acne always made me self-conscious about going out in public. I especially had a hard time with my self-esteem. Acne had become a part of me that I didn’t want, but was forced to accept. I had very big cystic acne all over my face with giant red bumps that looked very unnatural and were impossible to hide.

Trying to get rid of my acne was a struggle. I tried just about every marketed product out there, and they would help a little, but my acne would always come back.

916SKIN - Acne Clinic really helped get my skin back to where it is supposed to be. Tatja came up with a skin care plan that worked for me. It got rid of most of my acne within 3 months, and has kept me clear for about 2 years now. Tatja also has methods to deal with acne flair-ups that help get rid of acne fast. Having her to coach me through this was great. She helped motivate me and gave me that push to keep me consistent with my acne products.

The 916 Acne Treatment Program helped my life tremendously. I can go out now, without worrying if I have acne on my face, and that is a very good feeling. I would highly recommend 916 to anyone who has tried every possible acne medication out there without success. 916SKIN works, and will work for anyone who sticks with it.

Robert Tadevich – Pleasanton, CA

About Acne...

mild to severe acne and cystic acne

Acne vulgaris, also known as retention hyperkeratosis, is the most common skin disease worldwide. It is estimated that 80-95% of all adolescents will have acne at some point in their lives, and in some cases the acne will continue into adulthood. There is a genetic component in the development of acne with a tendency for it to run in families. 

The degree of acne can vary from mild breakouts to severe cystic acne. Men and women are affected equally, but males are prone to more severe cases.

Individuals with a genetic predisposition to acne vulgaris are affected by a number of other factors that contribute to the development of acne. These may include bacterial overgrowth, excessive oil production, delayed skin shedding, lipid deficiencies, skin friction, certain medications and or chemicals/products that come in contact with the skin. There are numerous physiological factors that trigger acne breakouts including stress, hormonal imbalances, PCOD, digestive disorders, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and inefficient detoxification pathways. While acne cannot be cured, it can be controlled.

Pathophysiology of Acne

Acne lesions develop in the oil-producing structures of the skin called pilosebaceous follicles (hair follicles). These follicles, known to most as "pores" are present in large numbers on the face, chest, shoulders and upper back. Each follicle consists of a hair and sebaceous gland. The glands secrete an oily mixture called sebum which normally passes through the hair follicle, up the hair, and to the skin's surface. Acne occurs when the normal route of sebum to the skin's surface is blocked by dead skin cells and bacteria, or altered by hormones. The obstruction or consistency of the oil leads to enlargement of the follicle, and thus, the development of blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules (pimples). Some patients will also develop nodules and cysts. These are inflammatory lesions located deep within the dermis and may lead to acne scarring.

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