“My name is Sara Greenwood, I started having acne problems in the fifth grade and I am currently in the eleventh. Having acne throughout my teen years was not a happy experience. When I started having acne treatments with 916SKIN I developed a newly found confidence within myself. I became comfortable with my skin with or without makeup. I have tried countless other methods such as Proactive, Neutrogena, Clinique, Lush products and various organic products in hope to put an end to my acne. I suffered from a mix of whiteheads and blackheads with deep acne that was hard to get rid of.”

“Having the guidance of an Acne Specialist helped me because there was someone who knew exactly what my skin needed. I had been using other products that were great products, just not fit to clear my skin. I have been seeing an Acne Specialist for two and a half years now and I am completely happy with the results. I’ve been clear for about a year and I’m thankful that I kept with my regime and all of the acne products that my Acne Specialist recommended. My skin is clear, soft and radiant. My confidence has boosted. I am all around a happier person. Having clear skin, and being confident in my own skin makes me feel invincible. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to in and out of school. To stay clear I keep using my products and taking care of my skin. My regime is a part of my day to day life. I am so happy that I started seeing and Acne Specialist and I strongly recommend and encourage 916SKIN – Acne Clinic to others looking for a solution to acne with real results.”

Sara Greenwood – Paradise, CA

Acne Skincare Consultation...

an overview of your first appointment


This will give you an idea of what you can expect during your initial acne consultation and treatment.

The consultation is approximately 50 minutes. Should you decide to start the acne program, there will be plenty of time set aside for a treatment at the time of your consultation.

During your skin care consultation, we will go over the information on your questionnaire together so that we know what medications you have been on, what allergies and sensitivities you may have, what other programs and products have you tried, and what lifestyle choices may be influencing your acne.

After a thorough cleanse, a skin analysis will help determine your skin type and acne type. A variety of topical products will be used to test your skin's sensitivity level. Based on the information gathered, you will be given an estimate on how long it will take to control your acne. You will also be given a detailed protocol for using your acne products at home as well as tips on how to get your skin clear as quickly as possible.

We then go over your daily skin care protocol, step-by-step, to make sure you thoroughly understand how to use your acne products. Each time you come in for your bi-monthly acne treatment, you will receive updated instructions on your daily skin care protocol. In order to continue the healing and stay ahead of the adaptation process, subtle changes will be made to your homecare regimen.

If you schedule an acne treatment with your initial consultation, the cost of your consultation will be waived. "Before Pictures" are taken prior to your treatment, and will be kept confidential.

Strong communication is key to getting you clear as quickly as possible. You will be provided with a private number for texting should you have any questions or concerns.

It's important to your progress to stay on schedule with you bi-monthly acne treatments. Once you are mostly clear, we may see you periodically until you can stay clear with just your homecare acne regimen.

When you leave 916, we want you to walk away feeling exceedingly pleased with your experience... that you had our full undivided attention, all your questions answered, and that you are excited about what's in store for you!

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